With permanent eyebrow makeup you will have beautifully groomed & age-defying permanent eyebrows which create the perfect shape and lift to your brows. Bespoke pigment colours are blended and used to define and create your beautiful brows.

Permanent eyebrow makeup can restore thin or over plucked eyebrows and this treatment is very effective if you have very little or no eyebrow hair due to hair loss from illness such as alopecia or chemo treatment.

The 3D hair stroke technique will give your eyebrows shape which can either be subtle or more dramatic, this technique uses hair strokes and added shading throughout the brow which gives a more natural effect and beautifully frames your face and adds a youthful look.

There are many different brow styles to suit all types and shapes of face including Ombre, Hairstroke, 3D, Fusion brow, Combination brow, Block brow and Powder brow. Book a free consultation to discuss which look is best for you.


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