Colour Correction

Colour Correction:

I see a lot of clients for permanent make up correction work, who are unhappy with the shape, colour or both of previous procedures. To date, I have been able to help nearly all those clients, with only a few needing to have a form of permanent makeup removal procedure prior.

If you’ve had a permanent make up procedure and aren’t happy with the results, I will be able to correct or vastly improve the work done.

Permanent make up can be beautiful if it is done properly.  Unfortunately it can be a bit of a mine field if you don’t look into who is going to carry out your procedures.  It can be one of the best decisions you will ever make or one of the worst.

Because of the lack of legislation and the expense that goes into formal training in permanent make up, sadly there are a lot of  untrained people offering substandard work around.  This is a great shame as it not only causes upset and expense to correct to the client but also damages our industry’s reputation.  Whatever the issue there may be instances where no amount of correction work is going to be able to cover or correct the issue.  It is at this point you maybe advised to look into removal of the pigment. Again this can be a very costly and painful experience. 

If you’d like to discuss permanent makeup correction with me, get in touch for a free consultation where I’ll be able to tell you how I can correct the work, and give you the eyebrows, eyeliner or lips that you are looking for.